About Us

Groupe Bossé is a Quebec family business with more than 55 years of expertise in the sale and repair of agricultural and industrial machinery.

With suppliers, such as CLAAS, JCB & LINK BELT, there is no doubt that you will find the equipment you need.

Groupe Bossé it is also ; 3 generations, more than 70 employees distributed in 3 branches, more than a dozen mobile units and more than 3 low loaders to serve you.



1968: A landmark year

It was on the land of his father Louis Bossé that Lucien Bossé and his wife Monique Robin, both passionate about agriculture, decided to open an agricultural dealership in the old family barn located on Avenue Bossé in Montmagny.
It was in 1968 that the company known as Bossé et Frère Enr. see the day.
It is with distinguished values such as mutual aid, business acumen, customer service and a passion for agricultural machinery that they began their adventure with the Massey Ferguson agency.

The 1980s: The arrival of Zetor

In the 1980s, Bossé et Frère enr. obtains the Zetor agency. The Massey Ferguson brand was more difficult to obtain at this time. In order to counter the shortcomings of the industry and to ensure that the needs of its customers are met, Bossé et Frère takes possession of a second agency with which it will continue for a few years.

1987: Acquisition of a machine shop

In 1987, the owners acquired the machine shop. Bossé & Frère has taken a small detour into the fixed machine maintenance industry in the various businesses in the town of Montmagny. In addition, by taking possession of their machine shop, the company was able to meet the needs of their customers very effectively.

1998: A year of change

Thanks to the constant evolution of the family business, the construction of a new garage, at the cutting edge of technology, more spacious and better equipped was born in 1998 to meet the needs of customers and staff. Added to this is the incorporation of the company. From now on, it will bear the name of Bossé et Frère Inc. That same year, the children of the founders, Jérôme, Julie and Frédéric, become equal shareholders. The family business has stood out in the field of agricultural sales with sales that have continued to grow over the years.

The 2000s.

In 2001, Bossé et Frère Inc. took over the Fendt agency, which at that time was unknown to the North American market. This German brand will become more and more popular in Quebec thanks to the tireless efforts of the Bossé & frères team. The family business will receive annual North American Sales Excellence Awards.

2013: Toward New Horizons

In 2013, Bossé et Frère Inc took the course towards new colors, after multiple reflections based on the values of the company and on the agricultural market of Quebec in development. The family business takes possession of the JCB agency. This English brand with family values offers a wider range of equipment to better meet the needs of our customers. It was a real mutual crush with this company.

2015: Obtaining a new agency and acquisition of a 2nd branch

In 2015, Bossé & Frère Inc. took over the Claas agency. A second brand at the cutting edge of technology and incomparable quality is added, this time of German origin.
Always in constant evolution, the company is moving forward and opening a second branch focused on Claas brand harvesting tools. It is in St-Damase in Montérégie that this second branch is born.

2017: Expansion into the industrial sector: Acquisition of Micanic

In 2017, the owners of Bossé et Frère acquired Micanic in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. This customer service-oriented company has owned the Link Belt Excavators agency since 2011. The expertise has been firmly rooted in the company for several years, the employees all remain in their positions with values that match ours. The company specializes in the sale of industrial and construction machinery under the JCB and Link Belt Excavators banners. At the end of the transition, Micanic will become Bossé Québec.

2023: Constantly evolving.

We are proud to say that in 2023, we have more than 12 mobile units and 3 trailers that criss-cross the roads of Quebec and Ontario, our 3 branches have an average of 70 employees. Let's not forget the 3rd generation who is now well involved and just as passionate about agricultural and industrial machinery.
In short, Groupe Bossé is more than 55 years of experience, constant evolution, and assured succession. In 2021, several ideas and plans are being developed.